Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cook for Good

This is interesting. Linda Watson from Raleigh makes home-made healthy meals for $1.16-$1.67 per person per meal. Linda Watson and her husband, who consider themselves "flexitarians", wanted to change the world. She decided to go 3 months only spending about $1.50 per person on each meal. It worked! Now she has created a fairly balanced diet using this scheme. She went a couple weeks only shopping at Whole Foods and the Durham Farmers Market, and said it only raised her costs about 50 cents per person per meal (she calls that her "green" diet).

her website is

here is the link to an article about her

Tips and notes (
Chickpeas produce an especially wonderful broth, better than any canned vegetable broth I've tried. Freeze this broth in a muffin tin, then pop out the little cups of broth to use for making rice, chickpea-noodle soup, or any recipe that calls for chicken broth.

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