Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kazak :'(

So, it's been awhile.

The main thing on my mind lately has been the disappearance of my precious boy Kazak. Our kitty has been missing for over a week now. We went out of town 2 weekends ago and have not seen him since. (I knew I should have taken him with us) I have posted flyers and visited shelters. So there is not much else I can do, but hope for him to come home. He is very friendly so I suspect he has found a new home. He is microchipped so wouldn't it be funny if he got turned into a shelter 10 years from now and then returned home to us? Sad in the meantime, but funny when it happend.

Since he is microchipped I was reluctant to check the shelters, seeing no point in it. Finally, yesterday I decided to check the shelters just to feel better about myself. So I went in and saw all the poor doggies and kitties in cages who just wanted to come out and have a human pay attention to them. I wanted to adopt every single one of them. So now I am debating over whether I should get another pet or not. I am giving Kazak a little more time to come home first, and then I am still not so sure. I have no problem with the everyday responsibilities that animals come with, but I would like to do some more traveling before I get much older, and settled (and own lots more animals) (and have kids), and it seems like it won't be easy to find someone to watch my pets if I leave the country.

Two students at NC State have the H1N1 flu now. I hope Ben will not get!!

I will try to pick a more interesting subject for my next blog update, and I will try to make that sometimes in the next week.

signing off -