Monday, January 28, 2013

Preparing to get some chickens

Ben and I want to get some chickens this spring. We are thinking we'd like to get 6-10 laying hens, and possibly a couple of guineas. So, now we have a few decisions to make.

1. design and location of chicken coop
2. whether to let them roam free or what sized fenced-in run
3. should we get chicks or already laying hens
4. what breed
5. when should we get the birds

1. chicken coop
We will be building the coop with material we can find around here, which won't be a problem since there is a ton of scrap wood laying around. So we are thinking it should be roughly 5' x 8' with 4 or 5 good size nesting boxes and a roosting perch. We are concerned about predators, since we know there are a lot of coyotes in this area, so we are thinking of elevating it a bit. I love this one

Stacey Noffsinger

Ben and I got married! On September 29th, 2012 we had a beautiful ceremony on Noffsinger Hill surrounded by our friends and family! We sat around the bonfire and danced under the Harvest moon all night! Planning a wedding was an interesting adventure, especially one held on family property as opposed to an actual venue. That meant it required a little more planning. Thanks to my awesome friends and family it turned out wonderful. Here are a few pictures.