Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This will be a place for me to post ideas that I am thinking about, plans for my future, plans for my present, books I am reading or would recommend to read, names of people or groups that I am interested in, concepts/subjects I am learning about, and links. Also It is a place for me to post pictures and updates on my life and family.

So, I have just read about the people we call New Urbanists. New Urbanist support renewable energy, electric transport and walkable cities. They focus on creating cities, towns and neigborhoods that are pedestrian centered. They focus on the neigborhood as a unit and favor local economies and local sustainability. New urbanist neighborhoods are designed to contain a diverse range of housing and jobs, and be WALKABLE. They focus on the physical design of urban places, as well as fostering a sense of community. Americans need to rethink the pros and cons of density vs sprawl.

New Agrarians should form an alliance with New Urbanists. This will encourage a sense of community and a local sustainable economy. Preventing suburban sprawl will keep the city dwellers in the city and leave the land to be used constructively. The farmers will have available land in close proximity to the city/market, and the urbanists will have local, fresh, delicious food available in close proximity. This will eliminate many costs involved in the shipping of food; including the environmental costs of the unneccasary use of fossil fuels and the emmisions they produce.

To read more about new urbanism check out these links:

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