Monday, February 18, 2013

Nafzger Forge Handmade Kitchen Knives

My husband +ben noffsinger is a talented artist blacksmith. He hand forges knives, specifically he focuses on making kitchen knives. He started his journey about 4 years ago when he got his first anvil and made his first forge. Since then he has made astonishing progress to produce the beautifully crafted knives he makes today.

Ben makes beautiful, unique and functional tools. He likes making kitchen knives because they are a tool that many people use on a daily basis to prepare their food. Ben has a culinary background in that he has worked in restaurant kitchens. He also has an amateur love for cooking at home. He has direct experience with using a chef knife for hours on end to prepare food. This insight has helped him to create knives that are comfortable in the hand and function well.

Ben and I are both supporters of the local and sustainable food movement. We believe using locally made tools to prepare your food could also be a part of this movement. We believe buying locally in general is the best way to support this country and our local economy. Buying products made in the USA will help keep this country viable. When you buy handmade products the money you spend goes directly to the producer and will be used to support their growing business and family.

Ben makes all types of kitchen knives, hunting knives and has dabbled in other types of blades as well. Check out his work  

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  1. I have a utility knife, a chef's knife and a carving knife fron Ben. I have other knives ...but tonight as I was making jambalaya I reached for and appreciated the beauty and heft of a Ben knife. You will treasure your Ben knife for generations. c


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