Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We have a baby (dog)!!!

So, Ben and I are pet-sitting a cute puppy. He is a rottweiler (maybe a rott mix, not sure) He's 5 months old and almost as big as Odin, probably around 50 pounds or more. He's huge and has big paws. We have had him for two weeks, and it is unbeleivable how much he has grown. He was a little wild and a little nippy when we first got him, but he learns very fast and is fitting into our household very nicely now. I have been running him around the lake and it is funny to watch his crazy, uncoordinated puppy run. He is not so great on the leash, because he lags behind, which is not a problem I had previously dealt with since my dogs are more inclined to pull foward than lag behind. But he is a doll off leash, he seems to have no desire to run off.

I am substitute teaching today, and I would like to talk more about my carreer options and choices. I cannot continue now though becuase the bell just rang, and my students are arriving. What it comes down to is, I don't think I'm a carreer oriented person, I prefer to work part-time:) Now I'm off to teach 7th grade health!

I will write more later.


  1. Glad to hear DJ is settling in. I hear you're working an awful lot lately-- sorry. I know how easy it is to get burned out.

    And I agree, part-time is about all any sane person can handle. (or maybe it's all us insane people can handle while still holding it all together...;J)

    What are kids learning in 7th grade health class now?

  2. We would love to see a picture of the rottweiler pup.


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